Progress Report

I'm really quite happy with my progress so far. I have been able to get back into the groove of drawing again and I have learned quite a few photoshope techniques in the process. I have gotten from this:

And I am quite pleased with my results.

However now is the hard part. After realizing doing two updates a week will take me about 3~4 years to complete the comic, I have decided to do a full chapter hopefully every week, or failing that, every fortnight starting with chapter 2 onwards.

...Only time will tell if I am able to keep that up :o

Wow, actual progress!

I uploaded 3 pages today. View em at :

*Is pleased with self.*

It's slowly but surely coming together.


This is where the comic will be hosted. Not much there at the moment but... take a look D:

March > April plan.

I decided to add a story onto the end of the main story. It's basically a telling of a certain part of the story by a certain character(s). I'll be done with it (script wise) by the end of This monthy Hopefully and sometime in March (Hopefully the second or third week depending on real life stuff...) The first volumes should be on the internet in some way, shape or form your your viewing pleasure.

By the end of April I hope to have chapters 1~6 done, we'll see.

I'll keep you posted.


Sorry! Things have been crazy since I've moved house. I'll be updating asap.


Script is now splitted into chapters. They will be roughly 15~18 pages each and their is 111 in total spanning 27 "Volumes". And now total completion percentages!

Chapter Split: 100%
Character design: 85%

Script check: 70%

Chapter Illustration progress: 10%

(I've actually done up to 20 or so but I am re-doing them as I am not happy with them. I will be posting them after I do the new version so you can see the difference)

And because I'm such a nice guy......a sketch!