Chapter 9 Starts Monday

Long time coming, I know, but I'll starting Chapter 9 properly starting Monday. Look forward to it!

New site!

| check it out, im uploading the pages to be up to date as I can, long process XD


So I've been working hard to build some buffer so I can update more than one page a week. I have 3 in stock but need more to be able to do that. I'll keep you posted!

Hey guys!

Been a while, sorry, university ate me. I'm back though, posted an update last week, colour page due tomorrow, last page in chapter is done already. Trying to get a buffer and hopefully be back to 2 pages a week.

Oh also, i've been streaming myself drawing the pages on Saturdays, if you're interested it at 12 Midnight GMT.

Anyways, should be back on track soon. See you later!

OK, so...

University is done for the year. No excuses, time to work on YF pages like I have no life (...oh wait).

I'll be updating this coming Sunday, stay tuned!


2 pages uploaded today, and on the backlog side of things, I have 14 pages sketched and 3 inked. wooo and stuff.

Progress report time!

It seems that I'm 6 pages into chapter 7 at the moment, must do moar! Hey atleast updates are sorted for a while to come, right?